Pentagram Consulting is run by a vivacious young team of individuals with an incredible entrepreneurial zest and a burning desire to consistently exceed client’s expectations by going above and beyond the call of duty.

These zealous entrepreneurs are also Industry experts in their respectivefields such as FMCG, BFSI, Consulting, Real Estate, Pharmaceutical, Media, IT/ITES, etc. with a collective experience of over 2 decades, and who can deal with any amount of uncertainty with ease and bring about a positive difference.

On our Human Resource panel, we have a unique mix of exhilarating professionals who come from different industry verticals and possess the expertise to transform multifaceted business requirement into effectual HR strategies which help in filling skill gaps in your organization.

Pentagram team plays a significant role in bringing about the difference with their admirable organization acumen. With their commitment to achieve a collaborative success, they will attend to your HR challenges with a balance approach, positioning you as an employer of choice.

Our wealthy domain as well as functional knowledge allow us to talk the same language with our clients and understand their business requirement clearly which, in turn, saves their time and provide valuable hiring solutions.


Pentagram Consulting follows a CCTS (Candidate Client Tracking System) methodology where we retain the entire history of our candidates and a series of conversations they have had with us over the years. We give our clients access to this unique system in a 40,000+ database in taking well informed decisions; while having access to the most recent activity when they interact with them.


The quality of our candidates is what sets us apart. Our extensive database houses the best of pedegree professionals who are proficient in their respective domains and have gone thorough our rigorous screening procedure.


Effective business delivery is our primary objective. We do this by developing a good mind-share with our customers by sharing with them our strengths, weaknesses, in-house processes and making them a part of our growth. Our Process is highly flexible and scalable to accommodate your needs and ensure your success. It gives us the ability to serve you effectively and efficiently. Our Process model is based on the beliefs of being positive and approachable, enabling us to constantly get better candidate quality and decrease the time-to-hire, at the same time as radically lower your costs

Pentagram Consulting thus differentiates by playing a key role in shaping numerous organizations’ culture while boosting efficiency and performance and resolve intricate HR concerns that arise out of constant organizational change.