In the constantly changing business environment of the modern times, the only way to ensure that your business stays well ahead of competition is by enhancing the diverse skills of the workforce. We at Pentagram understand the importance of well designed learning and development programs for nurturing and retaining great professionals. That is why our training programs are designed to enhance the inherent skills of different individuals so that they are able to handle their responsibilities in an efficient and competent manner. Our wide range of flexible and customized staff training modules enables you to get the best out of your employees in a cost effective manner.

Pentagram offers a host of flexible, customized and diverse training modules that will push your employees out of their comfort zones while addressing behavioral issues such as employee conflict, underperformance, lack of direction and vision, etc. which affect organizational growth. It will facilitate individuals to embrace workplace diversity and develop more profound communication skills.


The primary aim of our training programs is to enhance the personal and professional skills of your organization workforce for sustained growth. Our learning process is designed to nurture and retain great minds within your organization. Whether it about imparting corporate training for managers or educating the technical staff about latest tools and technology, we make every effort to maintain the quality and integrity of the programs. Some salient features of our learning and talent development facilities include.

  • They help individual employees to gain the required skills and knowledge.

  • They empower the workforce to address every day business challenges.

  • They are extremely effective in bringing out the best aspects of the employees.

  • The soft skill training helps to address key behavioral issues which can hinder organizational growth.

  • They help in facilitating better communication and co-ordination between the members of the workforce.


Our expert HR consultants make sure that the learning and development solutions offered are in accordance with your specific business needs. We ensure that the programs are designed keeping in mind the existing general skills of employees as well as their specific learning requirements on an individual basis. We understand that using highly engaging and knowledge sharing methods prove more effective rather than the conventional methods of employee training. All or programs are designed and developed by expert professionals who possess the right knowledge and the skills to steer the employees in the right direction through innovative training methods.

Whether you are looking to impart leadership training to your managers or enhance the team building skills of your employees, the pricing of the training programs is definitely a thing to consider. We at Pentagram offer the most affordable solutions without compromising on the quality or content of the training program to ensure comprehensive overall growth of your workforce which in turn leads to greater business success and enhanced profitability.