As leading human resources consultants in India, our background verification business unit PentagramSecure offer following services with objective to secure good Hire for your business;

  • Address Check - Current, permanent, previous, any other residential address verification can be conducted through physical site visits
  • Education Check - Verifying the authenticity of documentary evidence of candidates’ educational and/or professional qualifications through the educational/professional institution’s offices & online portals

  • Employment Check - Verifying the authenticity of the candidates’ claims about his/her previous employment records with the candidates employer’s office.

  • Reference Check - Professional and Personal References are checked by telephonic verification of candidate’s integrity, abilities or skills with the personal references provided by the candidate.
  • Drug Abuse Check - To initiate Drug Test through Blood, Urine or Hair Sample or any other pathological test as per requirement.
  • Identity Check - Confirming an applicant’s true identity conducting authentication check of commonly-used Identity documents like PAN Card, Drivers License and Passport
  • Criminal Verification (Police verification & Criminal Record Check) - Criminal verification is conducted to verify the candidate’s criminal history (if any) in the jurisdiction where the candidate currently resides/has resided